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ABG Mix (1 Gal)

ABG Mix (1 Gal)

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Tired of over-priced and inconsistent quality ABG? So were we, so we sourced the finest ingredients at bulk from the importers to bring you this exceptional quality ABG for less! A precise blend of tree fern fiber, charcoal, sphagnum peat, milled New Zealand sphagnum, and orchid bark, this substrate is capable of lasting years when used properly. Originally perfected by the Atlanta Botanical Gardens of Atlanta, Georgia, this substrate will support a sizable population of microfauna while allowing plants to thrive. It is a good idea to wet the substrate before placing it in the vivarium.  Here's how much you'll need:

10 Gal Vertical: 1 Gal ABG

10 Gal Horisontal: 2 Gal ABG

20 Gal High: 2 Gal ABG

20 Gal Long: 3 Gal ABG

18"L x 18"W: 2 Gal ABG

24"L x 18"W: 3 Gal ABG

36"L x 18"W: 4 Gal ABG

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