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Dendrocare - 100g Jar

Dendrocare - 100g Jar

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Dendrocare was developed after years of research into the ultimate combination of vitamins and minerals for dendrobates. Dendrocare is highly valued worldwide for its benefits. An absolutely optimized dietary supplement. DIRECTIONS: Use with every insect feeding, or in rotation with Repashy Calcium Plus. Best applied by placing insects in a plastic bag or container with Dendrocare and shake to lightly coat insects. Feed insects to your reptiles shortly thereafter. Once it has been opened, provided it is kept dry and properly sealed in its original packaging, Dendrocare has a shelf-life of 6 months.Refrigeration will extend product life. Content per kilogram: vitamin A 450,000 IU, vitamin D3 120,000 IU, vitamin E 10,200 mg, vitamin B1 36 mg, vitamin B2 165 mg, pantothenic acid 270 mg (approx.), nicotinamide 570 mg, vitamin B6 78 mg, CU 120 mg, I 82 mg, FE 1,650 mg, MN 72 mg, ZN 273 mg, CO 63mg, protein 10.1%, fat 1.8%, fibres 0.19%, ash 47%, moisture 1.9 %, CA 22%, P 8.8%, NA 1.4%, MG 0.2%, K 0.43%. About the discoverer: In the early 2000s Chris van der Lingen made a study into vitamin use in poison dart frogs. By listening to some of the problems where different frog farmers ran into, such as the emergence of the spindle leg syndrome, sudden death of adult animals etc and after a lengthy comparison study between food animals in nature and food animals we farm ourselves, it turned out as expected that there were some differences in vitamins and minerals. Vitamins created by the sun, vitamin E and D3, are hardly found in our farmed food animals. Vitamin D3 ensures proper absorption of calcium, needed for proper bone development and vitamin E helps maintaining a health endocrine system and thus good farming results. Chris has developed a balanced combination of vitamin thoroughly testing it on the frogs he farmed himself, noticing farming results significantly improving almost immediately. The frogs behaved much livelier, producing healthier eggs and young frogs proved much healthier, and there were no signs of spindle leg syndromes or other anomalies anymore. Time was ripe to market this vitamin combination, bringing about Dendrocare.

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