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Isotonic Amphibian’s Ringer Solids (Makes 1/2 Gal Soln)

Isotonic Amphibian’s Ringer Solids (Makes 1/2 Gal Soln)

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Dissolve solids in 1/2 gallon distilled water.
Frogs are hypertonic (contain more dissolved salts in body fluids) compared to their environment. They must actively counter osmotic pressure to maintain proper osmolarity and this requires energy. Soaking a sick or weakened frog in isotonic Ringer’s solution enables them to spend their energy instead on getting well. Bloat results from a failure to osmoregulate, and ringer solution is thus an effective treatment for bloat. Conversely, it is used to rehydrate frogs (eg: escapees!). Soak frog in solution for 1-3 hrs and repeat as needed. Solution is stable indefinitely at room temp if kept sterile. Discard if particulates or growth is evident.

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